New Year, New Logo

Greetings travelers! We are celebrating the New Year with a new logo. This snappy design was created by Milena Luzanin. She is a freelancer at Upwork who specializes in graphic design. She looked at a sample sketch and immediately caught the spirit behind the design. Milena understood that I wanted something to represent women who travel as bold sojourners to distant lands or in our backyard. The result is before you.

Stylized logo of woman wearing a boa.
Our logo.

Now that we have a logo the question is simple. What do we do with it? Well, I’m glad you asked. It will appear on our blog, across the net, on Pinterest and on all of our official products.

Interested in mugs, totes, umbrellas or other logo emblazoned travel gear? Mugs and other merchandise will be available from our  Zazzle store soon. I receive a 10% profit from the mugs, totes, journals and the other items that are up for grabs.

The logo will also be used at meetups (called Celebrations). Not sure which conference room or table? No problem. Just look for the Live Bodaciously logo. You’ll know that you’ve found the right place when you see it – or just listen for the raucous sound of women who like to have fun.






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