Ta da! Introducing the Bodacious Broads Travel Blog

Women in front of Shenandoah National Park sign.

Introducing Bodacious Broads Travel Blog! What’s in a name? This one has attitude, fun and boldness! Bodacious Broads Travel Blog is for women who take the world on their own terms. They are bold, adventurous women who know how to relax and have fun. Just like you and me.

Women in front of Shenandoah National Park sign.
Bodacious women, Gayle and Allie at Shenandoah National Park.

Are you a bodacious broad? Do you believe in living life loud? Then come, follow us on our journey where the unexpected is around every curve. Every road trip is an adventure whether crossing the continent or the street. Life is out there waiting for us. Bodacious broads are on the way. Cast off conformity and hold on tight!

Posts will be about travel, journeying and generally making our way through life. From time to time, we will highlight bodacious women who are either living or dead, known or unknown – women who make a difference in their own corner of the world or globally.

Writers on Bodacious Broads Travel Blog know that life is experienced to be lived well. We are not women who will go silently into stereotypes but constantly redefine who we are. We form our world into what it can be and refuse to complacently settle for less.


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