Best Denver parks for family fun

When it comes to family fun, Denver is known for having plenty to do. Sometimes it is the simplest thing that can offer the best moments. Denver parks are kept friendly and clean for tons of family fun. Here are the three best Denver parks for strolling and picnics. 

Garfield Lake Park

This park is surrounded by a looped walkway, often referred to as Garfield Lake Loop. While walking the loop of the lake, families can enjoy watching the beautiful water foul, such as cranes, ducks, geese, and more! Which foul you spot will depend on the season and weather. The lake is often buzzing with activity from nature for everyone to enjoy, as well as beautiful greenery and floral display. There are also plenty of picnic areas and running room along the loop trail and a playground for the kids to enjoy. If youโ€™d like to enjoy the recreation as well, there is a shade center, pool, and sports fields. 

Ruby Hill Park

This park sits atop Ruby Hill in the neighborhood of its namesake. Families can enjoy running up and down the hills or go on a leisurely walk on them. There is also a dirt bike section, complete with an obstacle course track. Watch those skilled at it or enjoy it yourself. The large playground is sectioned into areas by skill. The paths take you along the trails and around the park. Shaded and unshaded picnic areas are offered in multiple areas of the park. In the winter, itโ€™s also a popular location for sledding down the hills. 

Garland Park

This park is next to the more widely known Cook Park. However, it is not to be discounted. Garland Park is along the Denver canal trails and offers trails of its own as well. Stroll around the Lollipop Lake and watch the beautiful water foul and insects, like dragonflies. Thereโ€™s a lovely sunflower patch right near the water, season permitting. Picnic areas and benches are positioned around the lake, as well as around other areas of the park and trails. Kids will enjoy the two playgrounds. There is also a volleyball court, tennis courts, a baseball field, and other sports fields. 

Geese at a park Credit Gayle Crabtree

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