Where is the cute dog?

Until March 2020, many of my YouTube videos included footage of my service dog. Many of you know already but lot of you have been asking about him. So, I want to answer that question here. This is a difficult one for me. Tomlin passed away from cancer in mid March. He only received his … Continue reading Where is the cute dog?

Road trip travel tips during the pandemic

Reactions have ranged from surprise to giddiness when they find out that I am still taking road trips during the pandemic. Their eyes light up as I'm peppered with questions ranging from everything from the availability of gasoline to closures. If you are like some people I've talked with, I have good news. You can … Continue reading Road trip travel tips during the pandemic

Tennessee Road Trip

Here's to a big Tennessee road trip! I'm traveling to show you unique places in Tennessee that may be compatible with social distancing. On the way, I'm using the "shop local, buy local" model to support local businesses during the pandemic. This means that monthly supporters on Patreon and PayPal will receive postcards that are purchased … Continue reading Tennessee Road Trip