Travel Trivia Questions for January 2022

These are the trivia questions and answers from our livestream in January 2022. Some of the trivia question answers may surprise you. Try it on your friends to see how many answer they can get right. The links go directly to the source article used for each travel trivia question. Check out my YouTube livestream below. I stream on Saturday nights at 7pm Eastern time.

Trivia questions
(Answers are below the photograph.)

  1. According to reporting by the NY Post how many Americans are planning to travel for leisure this year?A. under 30% B.over 50% C. over 70%
  2. According to Newsweek, what was the most popular travel destination in 2021?
    A. New York, B. Hawaii, C. Florida
  3. Speaking of outdoor activities which named national park had the most traffic in 2020?
    A. Great Smoky Mountains, B. Yellowstone, C. Grand Canyon
  4. How many named national parks are in the National Park system?
    A. over 400, B. 63, C. 100
  5. Are all the U.S. National Parks within the 50 states?
    A. Yes, B. No


  1. C – Over 70% of Americans plan to travel in 2022.
  2. B. – Hawaii
  3. A. – Great Smoky Mountains National Park had 12.1 million visitors in 2020.
  4. B – There are 63 designated US National Parks.
  5. B. – No. The US Virgin Islands and American Samoa each have a National Park.

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