Almost 50 states

Wow! I underestimated my road trips until a friend suggested creating a map. This is a visual representation of the states that I’ve seen or lived ins o far. It’s pretty clear that travel is my passion. Each portion of the U.S. has a different culture.

There are vast differences between the general regions of our country. The Southeast is known for the language of biscuits, grits and gravy. I’ll add barbeque to that. But, the honey barbeque flavor of Memphis is not the same as the vinegar based barbeque in North Carolina or the mustard based versions of South Carolina. That’s only one example. The differences get more complex from that point. Trust me. 

Create Your Own Visited States Map

I’ll take a road trip instead of an airplane any day of the week. I have nothing against the airline industry. It’s just that road trips give you a deeper understanding of our country and more stories to tell. After all, would you rather hear about being stuck on the LaGuardia Airport tarmac for two hours or about whales, the Painted Desert or Wright Brothers Memorial?

I’m slowing ticking off all 50 states. Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachusetts… So many roads to travel and people to meet. Just thinking about the destinations makes me want to put gas in the van and go.

How about you? Where would you like to go?


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