Be Bodacious Magazine

Great news! Our Be Bodacious Magazine comes out this month. Available twice a year, the magazine will be filled with tips that travelers can use. Whether you are going to a foreign country or staying closer to home, you will find information that will help you travel better.

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The spring edition of Be Bodacious magazine introduces you to YouTubers Amber and John Rivers. They tell us why they chose the off-grid lifestyle and about each other in this interview.

Business and life partners Lyn Lomasi Rowell and Richard Rowell of Brand Shamans are well versed in traveling with kids. They share their best five trips for surviving a road trip with kids in tow.

Looking for a new camera lens? Award winning photographer, John Crabtree, shares his tips for choosing the right landscape lens for your DSLR. He goes through the how’s and why’s to help you make the best selection possible.

Like these? E-book versions of the inaugural edition are free for a limited time. Go to to download or order your print copy here.

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