Musings from Turnigan Arm on the Gulf of Alaska

The reality is that each of us has limitations to comfront. We may be too short to play professional basketball, too tall to drive a low slung sports car or lack the grace to become a world famous ballerina. Do we let our inability to do these things keep us from living? No. We develop workarounds or channel our skills differently. In other words, we go left or right and go around the sign instead of plowing forward.

Having a disability is like that.
People who have a disability use our  strengths to create the best life possible. We learn new skills. We develop a supports of friends, professionals and utilize newer opportunities like Uber and Door Dash to enrich our lives.

People who have a disability know what it is to #BeBodacious. We aren’t about to let life get in the way of living. Why should you?

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