Bodacious suitcase cover brightens up travel

No need for a drab suitcase with cute luggage covers like these. I wanted a cheerful bright color for my winter trip to Alaska. The only suitcases in the size I needed (and could afford) were black, dark grey or black. That’s not very bodacious and just wouldn’t do.

That’s when I looked on Amazon and found this bodacious suitcase cover. The bright colors protected my checked bag from scratches and made it easy to spot on the conveyor belt. I saw it, glanced at the luggage for a double check and was gone in a couple of minutes.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I will get a tiny commission if you buy the bag from my Amazon affiliate link. I’m sharing about it because I’m in love with the cover. It’s pretty and super easy to put on the suitcase.

It’s made of stretchy material like a swimsuit. Slide it on over the suitcase handle and pull it over the bag. It Velcro closes at the bottom. Super fast and super easy.

My February trip to Alaska didn’t always go smoothly. But, at least my suitcase looked good.


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