One for the Cows

This is a guest-submitted post from Lady. Samantha. It was mentioned in our #BeBodacious Magazine. This is a funny travel story from her life. Let us know how you like it in the comments below. Many thanks to her for the submission.

I miss taking trips with my dad. One of the trips we took was to Pennsylvania Dutch Country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, aka Amish Country. Just for the record they aren’t Dutch. They are German.

Photo of black and white cow by Gayle Crabtree

I had been there twice before, but this time, it was just dad and I , taking in the beauty, history, and having a ton of fun.

Things to do in Amish Country include going to the misnamed Dutch Wonderland theme park, numerous museums, lots of shops, and farms. The area is a largely agricultural and there is green as far as the eye can see. I don’t know if they allow it now, but we were able to drive around from farm to farm. Some of the farms sold eggs and birch beer to visitors.

So, dad and I stopped at one farm that had a horse and some cows.  The horse was not amused by our presence and had it’s hindsight turned to us. 

Black cow photo. Not a Holstein: Gayle Crabtree

Then, we turned our attention to the adorable Holstein cows. Holstein cows are the black and white cows. These cows were laying on the grass, giving us the stink eye. Out of nowhere, my dad says, “Moo!”, in a really deep voice. One of the cows’ ears perked up and she looked at dad as if to say, “You speak my language?”   I have a picture of the cow after dad’s “Moo.”

In Lancaster, is a village called Bird-in-Hand, which is famous for its market. Dad and I were in line for something (I apologize. I don’t remember what we were in line for), and a couple of tourists brought a map up to the gentleman who worked there and asked for directions to a place, but I don’t remember hearing where. Remember, the name of the village is Bird-in-Hand. Dad and I over heard the guy who worked there tell the people to turn around at “Two-in-Bush” (the old phrase: a Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush).  Sad part is they believed him because the guy said , “It’s not marked on the map.” 

To this day, I still laugh at the wonderful memories.

Lady Samantha is a writer and poet from New York state. Her work has been published in Bards Annual 2019,, and various other publications. View her blog at


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