Real Ways to Save at the Pump from Everyday People

We got some great tips on how ordinary people can save at the pump. A few programs came up that I wanted to mention here. When I wanted tips on saving money at the pump I turned to the best group around – our Facebook group and YouTube subscribers(Please note, affiliate links are included here that may earn a commission or perks). 

Some of the tips for saving money on gasoline included driving strategies. One commenter said his gas improves when he slows down. Another said to keep your foot off the gas as much as possible. Each of the tips are from everyday people who are all coping with high gas prices. Real tips for real people sums it up best.

Tips included:

Vehicle maintenance- a well maintained vehicle used less gasoline than one in poor condition.

Slow down – wind resistance increases with the speed of your vehicles. This means the engine has to work harder to go farther. This results in a reduction in gas mileage.

Grocery points – shop where you can earn points that will give discounts on gas.

Discount days at the pump – watch for promotions where you can earn extra savings at the pump. These may be tied in with a grocery store loyalty program. They may not be well advertised so ask to double check.

One store that no longer offers a discount at the pump is Walmart. In a bygone era, you could purchase gas with a Walmart card to get .03 cents off a gallon of gas. This program has been discontinued and isn’t expected to come back. Some discounts are available with the Walmart credit card as of this writing.

A couple of memberships and that were brought up by members are:

AAA – Save money with Fuel Rewards at Shell gas stations across the country. The reward varies. I’ve saved between .30 cents per gallon to .05 cents. It’s free for AAA members. Use this link for a membership with AAA South and we both save $20 on our next renewal

Sam’s Club Membership – Use this link to get a $20 e-gift card from Sam’s club and0 p 0 I’ll get a $10 e-gift card too!

Pilot Flying J Rewards App – This free loyalty program doesn’t give discounts on gasoline. Instead, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed other things. Plus, loyalty members get access to monthly offers.  Find out more here at this link If you do sign up through this link, we each get a free coffee or fountain drink.

The idea of stacking discounts was also mentioned. The scenario is like this. You earn reward points at the grocery store for discounted gas. Then, you pay for the gas with a credit card that gives you cash back. So, you get the discount on the gasoline and the cash back on the credit card. It’s a double win. You can check with Capital One to see what they are offering right now.


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