National Parks that Commemorate Women’s History

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing information on some national parks that commemorate the contributions of women in various fields. These include conservation, civil rights, and Native American history.

While there may not be parks that are exclusively dedicated to honoring women’s achievements, many others offer insight into their lives. National parks that feature working farms or exhibits on pioneer, frontier, or gold rush history provide a unique glimpse into what the lives of women may have been like during those times. So, be sure to explore and experience all that our amazing national parks have to offer.

  1. Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, New York – This park commemorates the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman, an African American abolitionist and activist who helped hundreds of slaves escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad.
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, New York – This park preserves the home and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt, a champion of human rights and social justice who served as First Lady during the presidency of her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  3. Women’s Rights National Historical Park, New York – This park commemorates the struggle for women’s suffrage and the contributions of women to social and political progress in the United States. The park includes several sites associated with the Seneca Falls Convention, a landmark event in the women’s rights movement.
  4. Petersburg: Pocahontas Island Historic District, Virginia – This park preserves the history and culture of Pocahontas Island, a historically African American community that was founded in the 18th century. The museum honors the contributions of women to the community and the struggle for civil rights.
  5. Manhattan Project National Historic Park – Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Los Alamos, NM; Hanford, Washington – Although not specifically about women, from operators to chemists, the park does give us a look at how women shaped the development of the atomic bomb.
  6. Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park, California – This park honors the contributions of women to the war effort during World War II. Many women worked in factories and shipyards to support the war effort and helped to pave the way for greater gender equality in the workplace.
Manhattan National Historic Park K-25 Direction sign

These national parks in the US honor the contributions of women. Each park offers a unique perspective on women’s history and the role of women in shaping the United States. These are the ones that we can find. Please let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite.


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