How to use Google Location Sharing for travel

Knowing how to use Google Location Sharing for travel can give peace of mind to family back home. It eliminates the frequent “Where are you today?” calls you can get on vacation. I’ve found it to be especially invaluable for solo female travel when I’m out in the van. As a person who has a disability, Google Location Sharing allows my family or friends to get help for me if my “dot” hasn’t moved for awhile and I’m not able to answer my phone.

Google Location Sharing lets you choose who you share with. You can revoke access at any time. Google also sends periodic emails to remind you who can see your data. That way you can delete people or update their information as needed.

Setting it up on your Android phone is easy.

1. Install and open the Google Maps app.

2. Set up your profile if you don’t already have one and open it.

(Note: You may be asked to allow access to contacts).

3. Click on “Location Sharing”

4. Click “New share” and follow the prompts to add your friend

5. Choose your contact and invite them to share locations with you. You also choose how long you want to share your location. You can set it to share for hours, days, or until you turn it off.

6. Acceptance

Your friend or family member will have to accept your invitation to activate sharing.

After that, you’re all set!

The app also lets them see how much battery life is on your phone. This lets them know if your location has been stagnant because the battery on your phone has drained.

Location sharing can be accessed from a phone or from a PC. This can be helpful if you say, leave your phone in an Uber and have to track it down… But, that story is another blog post!

What do you think of Google Location Sharing?

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