How to have a $40 Day Trip (or less)

My $40 Day Trip series is back on YouTube! I’ll have at least one video up per month. The idea behind a $40 day trip is for all expenses to fit within the budget – including gas. Budget doesn’t mean boring. Day trips can be a lot of fun! One idea is, if you choose a vacation that’s farther from home, offset the extra gas by reducing your food budget. That’s only the beginning. There are tons of ways to have a fun $40 day trip.

Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Choose a destination close to you: Travel expenses can quickly add up, so it’s best to choose a destination that’s within driving distance or accessible by public transportation.
  2. Pack your own food: Instead of eating out at restaurants, bring your own food and snacks for the day. You can pack a picnic lunch or bring a cooler with sandwiches and drinks.
  3. Look for free or low-cost activities: There are many free or low-cost activities to do in most cities. Check out parks, museums with free admission, and lakes or beaches (if you’re near them).
  4. Plan your own scavenger hunt. Pick up brochures from a rest area or tourist bureau to help you out.
  5. Take a scenic drive and have a picnic
  6. A tour of historic markers in your city or county is an inexpensive way to experience your area.
  7. Pick up free or cheap souvenirs. Postcards, maps, getting a stamp in a notebook, pencils, pens (or pins) are some ideas that can help you stay within a $40 day trip budget.
  8. Take a self-guided walking tour. Most cities offer them. Look for a printable map online or pick one up at a visitor center.

Remember to plan ahead and do some research to find the best deals and discounts available. With some creativity and planning, you can have an enjoyable $40 day trip

Check out my YouTube channel for more ideas. Be Bodacious


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