How to find an RV dump station

If you’re an RV owner, you know how important it is to find a dump station when you need one. Knowing how to find an RV dump station can be a crucial part of your travel planning process. Here are some tips to help you locate a dump station quickly and easily.

Use a dump station locator app

One of the easiest ways to find an RV dump station is to use a dump station locator app. These apps use your location to find nearby dump stations and provide information on hours of operation, fees, and amenities. Some popular options include Sanidumps, RV Dump Stations, and Sani Star.

Check with RV parks and campgrounds

Many RV parks and campgrounds offer dump stations for their guests. If you’re planning to stay at an RV park or campground, be sure to ask about their dump station facilities when making your reservation. Some may charge a fee, while others may offer the service for free.

Visit rest stops and truck stops

Rest stops and truck stops often have dump stations for RVs and other large vehicles. Look for signs indicating the availability of dump stations or ask a staff member for assistance. Be aware that some rest stops may charge a fee for using their dump stations.

Check with municipal and state facilities

Municipal and state facilities such as wastewater treatment plants, sanitation departments, and public works departments may have dump stations available for public use. Check with local authorities to find out if they have any available and what fees may apply.

Join a RV membership club

RV membership clubs such as Good Sam Club and Escapees RV Club offer members access to exclusive RV parks and dump stations. These clubs often have a network of facilities available throughout the country, making it easier to find a dump station when you need one.

In conclusion, finding an RV dump station is an essential part of RV travel planning. By using a dump station locator app, checking with RV parks and campgrounds, visiting rest stops and truck stops, checking with municipal and state facilities, and joining an RV membership club, you can easily locate a dump station on your next RV trip. Don’t forget to plan ahead, so you’re not caught in a sticky situation without a place to dump your waste.


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